Applied Biology/Chemistry DVD Series

Interest Level : 9-12

Copyright 1999

Applications in Biology/Chemistry gives science meaning by teaching its application in the real world. This interdisciplinary lab course teaches science concepts through issues surrounding work, home, society, and the environment.
The curriculum emphasizes problem solving, decision-making, hands-on learning, and real-life applications.

Each DVD provides an “armchair field trip” that introduces workplace situations and real-life role models. Group discussion “pause” segments encourage cooperative learning. Topics are presented via experiments, dramatizations, investigations, sports, news, and more.



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1. Air and Other Gases
2. Animal Life Processes
3. Community of Life
4. Continuity of Life
5. Disease and Wellness
6. Microorganisms

  7. Nutrition
  8. Natural Resources
  9. Plant Growth and Reproduction
10. Synthetic Materials
11. Waste and Waste Management
12. Water


VHS Videos

ISBN # Title Price    
1-57837-459-6 Animal Life Processes DVD $14.97
1-57837-460-x Continuity of Life DVD $14.97
1-57837-461-8 Plant Growth and Reproduction DVD $14.97
1-57837-462-6 Nutrition DVD $14.97
1-57837-463-4 Disease & Wellness DVD $14.97
1-57837-464-2 Community of Life DVD $14.97
1-57837-465-0 Microorganisms DVD $14.97
1-57837-466-9 Air and Other Gases DVD $14.97
1-57837-467-7 Natural Resources DVD $14.97
1-57837-468-5 Synthetic Materials DVD $14.97
1-57837-469-x Waste and Waste Management DVD $14.97
1-57837-470-7 Water DVD $14.97
978-1-57837-571-1 Applied Bio/Chem DVD Complete Set $99.97

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