2 Great Physics Courses...
But Which One is Right for You?

Questions to ask before deciding:




Unique Features of:
Physics in Context

Course Similarities

Unique Features of:
CORD Principles
of Technology

  • Hard-bound single volume
  • A one-year course
  • Student must know Algebra 1
  • Half of the labs integrate data-acquisition technology
  • More traditional physics content
  • Contains a website component
  • An interactive approach
  • Uses hands-on labs
  • Two-color text
  • Includes career applications and profiles
  • Designed specifically for the middle 50%
  • Software-generated assessment available
  • Supports SCANS
  • Supports contextual learning
  • 14-soft-cover modules
  • A two-year course
  • Materials included for math tutoring
  • Labs are predominantly mechanical
  • Designed for technical physics