Math That Works

Interest Level : 6-9

Copyright 2004

Make sure your middle school students "get it" when it comes to math. Build a better foundation with Math That Works.

Middle school mathematic sets the foundation for success in secondary math courses. What do you do with the students who struggle in grasping the pre-algebra skills needed for the future? CORD’s Math That Works is a set of six student modules that meet the problem head-on. Used as a series or individually, math concepts are presented in easy-to-understand methods and brought to life with real-world, hands-on lab activities. Pilot-proven to improve test scores and help at-risk students.

Ideal for use in: middle schools, after-school programs, Saturday classes and summer development programs.

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Each module contains



Comparing Fractions
Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Decimals and Percents

Introduction to Decimals
Operations with Decimals

Exponents and Scientific Notation

Bases and Exponents
Working with Very Large and Very Small Numbers
Operating with Powers of Ten

Expressions, Variables and Constants

Working with Variables and Expressions
Working with Constants


One-Step Equations
Working with Multi-Step Equations
Solving Ratio and Proportion Equations


Indentifying Integers and Absolute Value
Adding and Subtracting Integers
Multiplying and Dividing Integers


ISBN # Title Price    
978-1-57837-503-7 Math That Works : Integers $79.97
978-1-57837-504-5 Math That Works : Fractions $79.97
978-1-57837-505-3 Math That Works : Decimals & Percents $79.97
978-1-57837-506-1 Math That Works : Exponents and Scientific Notation $79.97
978-1-57837-507-x Math That Works : Expressions, Variable & Constants $79.97
978-1-57837-508-8 Math That Works : Equations $79.97
978-1-57837-522-3 Math That Works : Complete 6 Volume Set $429.97